Monday, April 20, 2009

The Met

The weather in NYC has been superb lately! Over the weekend we had 70 degree sunshine and I went to the upper east side with a friend and spent several hours in the Met. I think that when most people visit the Met they just straight to the Impressionist paintings. Or straight to the Modernist works. I spent several hours hanging out with the Greek and Roman sculpture It was incredible. I mean, the way the Met works you sort of have to walk through the sculptures but no one ever actually really sees them.

I took several Greek art classes in college and it has really helped me understand the evolution of art. And to see these masterpieces right in my backyard is just incredible. 

I highly recommend any of you New Yorkers to rediscover the Met. Whether it is the Greek and Roman sculptures or the Tribal Art sections. There are so many treasures in the museum 

Friday, April 3, 2009

We're finished!

We finished our project and it went off without a hitch. I'm really impressed with our group for pulling it together at the last moment!

Part of what really helped us find all these great artists around the world is this new site I've been raving about called It's like a content aggregator that lets you put in your preferences and then suggests things that you'd like to read about and artists you'd like to learn about. We put in the names of a few artists we were already interested in and the website popped out all these other ideas. It also has some great recs on galleries, exhibitions, museums and everything. It's especially great if you live in NYC like I do but I imagine that other art world capitals are probably pretty well represented there too.

Check it out!