Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Films, Two Thumbs Up, One Wilcox Exhibition

If you're looking for a romantic comedy or horror flick, go check out your local movie theater. But, if you're looking for an engaging film exhibition, you may be interested in visiting Metro Pictures... a fabulous venue in Chelsea that's known for its film and video installations.

This month T. J. Wilcox introduces three new films: The Heir and Astair, L'eau de Vie, and Yours, Pasty Cline at his Metro Pictures exhibition. Each of the films is being projected in its own room of the gallery, and accompanying photographic pieces are mounted in strips of freestanding, hinged wooden panels or folding screens in the associated rooms. In the films, Wilcox engages in his singular method of filming idiosyncratic subjects scrutinizing his art works as to reduce and refine each of his works to a visual and narrative essence. The subjects represent the artist's own personal varied interests.

A little about each film:

The Heir and Astaire is a biographical depiction of Adele Astaire, sister and dance partner of Fred, and the biggest vaudeville star of the early 20th century. Combining period film and still images along with video, the Heir and Astaire also includes the artist's interview with the 90-year-old "Dowager Duchess of Devonshire," who was the last family member that knew Adele during her Lismore period (which began after Adele married the son of the Duke of Devonshire and moved to the ancient Lismore Castle in Ireland).

L'eau de Vie is a three episode allusion to nature films comprising a story of a young girl who discovers an endangered turtle in her swimming pool, a history of Ukai (a 1,300-year-old Japanese method of fishing), and documentation of Wilcox's own backyard attempt at making pear brandy.

Yours, Patsy Cline celebrates the long-lasting appeal of the great (title) country western singer, who died tragically 50 years ago at just 30 years old.

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