Friday, June 11, 2010

The "Key" to Public Art in NYC

A time-honored tradition of recognizing dignitaries by giving them a key to the city has become the theme of a new public art project in NYC. In collaboration with the nonprofit group Creative Time NYC-based artist Paul Ramirez Jonas created "The Key to the City," which runs through Labor Day.

Keys (available for pick up at a Times Square kiosk until June 27th) unlock hidden museum rooms, private gardens, and more (specific sites include a concealed door to an exhibition of Faberge jewels at the Brooklyn Museum and a private vegetable pot at a community garden in the Bronx). The interactive project encourages people to give the keys to others in honor of a certain deed or trait.

Jonas discussed his unique project,

"One to one, one at a time, thousands of keys will be bestowed by thousands of people for private reasons that deserve to be recognized."

Mayor Bloomberg also commented on "The Key to the City," stating,

"[The project] will provide New Yorkers with a new way to experience some of our cultural organizations, city landmarks and small businesses."

The keys unlock about two dozen "doors" in locations throughout the 5 boroughs - which must be visited during their open hours. Each master key can open all of the locks. While the initial publication run is for 25,000 keys, more will be created if needed to match demand.

Get involved in the intriguing project; pick up a key today and explore the city like never before.

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